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From the stories of my grandfather, a man who had fought in the Italian Resistance, within the woods and the valleys of the Fourth Operative Area (Lunigiana), this “partisan romance” has born. It portrays the common people and not the kings and in it the events really happened get mixed up with the emotions of the child who listened to them, with the description of landscapes and places where the partisans fought, with the documental research, as an added value, marked by Italo Calvino’s lines: “Non è detto che fossimo santi, L’eroismo non è sovrumano“.

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The project

A partisan romance

The idea is to trace a story from memories collecting lives and experiences, a story about men and women who chose the side where to stay, without rhetoric, becoming partisans and spending two years of their youth risking life every day.

Bottom up production

Marotta&Cafiero Eds. publish this book with an innovative and sustainable philosophy and through a crowdfunding project where the 126% of the sum needed for its production has been collected.

Anti-fascist memory

A story of Resistance, an anti-fascist writer, a publishing house struggling daily to offer an alternative model of social enterprise and culture, in which commons and rights come together. In this way a memory of Justice, Liberty and Equality is built.

The Author

William Domenichini, born in La Spezia in 1978, currently works as a graphic designer in a private company.

Involved in the National Association of Italian Partisans (Associazione Nazionale Partigiani d’Italia, ANPI), in these years he has been and still is secretary of the Follo local branch and member of La Spezia provincial council.

With ANPI he has developed historical-cultural projects with schools, on the historical memory of the La Spezia Resistance, as Parole di Libertà (Words of Freedom), a project in collaboration with the poet Alfonso Pierro. In 2015 he produced the Calendar of Resistance in the Follo area, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Liberation.

In 2016, with the historical and cultural association Stella Tricolore, he cooperated in the making of La battaglia dei Casoni, a documentary that describes the resistance of the “Val di Vara” partisan battalion to the Nazi-Fascist raid on August 3rd, 1944.

The blog, launch field

This is a project of memory re. facts and values about the Resistance against the fascism, a way to remember that our freedom, rights and duties come from the sacrifices of those who struggled to get them.

A way to undertake this memory journey will mean also to go on thinking, writing, discussing, and for this reason I start this blog (actually only in Italian), to preserve reflections and insights, related to this book and its values. I intend to “baptize” the blog as they called the place where the partisans of the “IV operative area” got the allies’ launches of ammunition, armaments, food and every aid given to their struggle against nazi-fascism.

From that open space on Mount Picchiara the rebel patriots collected what they needed for fighting, from these pages I would like to collect and share what can help us to remember, to take care of and to preserve the values ​​that have been conquered at such high price.

About us

Here you will find the opinion expressed by our readers, and what the press (web and newspaper) say about us.

Comments of our readers

Una grande soddisfazione per un grande amico, una persona meravigliosa ma soprattutto un compagno come ce ne sono pochi. Seguite questa splendida avventura letteraria!

Michele Fiore Avvocato

Siete alla ricerca di una storia vera che vi emozioni? Siete appassionati alla storia della Resistenza ed avete a cuore i valori dell’antifascismo? Questo è il libro che fa per voi, ed una volta finito, rincomincerete.

Andrea Campanella Scrittore

Da leggere. L’amore di un nipote che ha abbracciato la storia del nonno. Grazie, portavoce di memorie storiche che non vanno dimenticate.

Renata Farina Figlia di partigiano

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